Roof Washing

Reveal a Clean Roof

Get a free roof washing or soft washing estimate in the Rome, Utica or Oneida, NY area

Getting a better-looking roof doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. You can hire Supreme Prowash to clean your roof with ease and for an affordable price in Rome, Utica, Oneida, NY or any neighboring area. Instead of pressure washing your roof, we'll use a soft washing technique to prevent causing damage.

While soft washing your roof, we'll:

  • Apply a solution that loosens algae, mold and moss
  • Use low pressure to avoid damaging shingles
  • Pretreat buildup to wash away when it rains

While harsh roof washing methods void shingle warranties, our soft washing doesn't. To schedule gentle roof cleaning services, contact our team today.

Can we get rid of black streaks?

A lot of people in our area have black streaks on their roofs. These streaks are from gloeocapsa magma bacteria that just love the calcium carbonate, limestone and moisture on roofs. The bacteria was originally common in the Southeast, but it's spread to Rome, NY and the rest of the country. Fortunately, we have a roof washing product solution that gets rid of it. Arrange for our services now to get rid of ugly bacteria.